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illustration of buddha

Our Mission


     Our charitable mission is to raise money to help people in poverty with clothing, shelter, prosthetics and food.  Our fraternity of brotherhood and sisterhood is to develop ourselves to become the very best version of our selves through loyalty and respect for each member.  To develop a better community and society for all people, and to live by the words of Buddha and Jesus Christ.  Honoring each one as men that taught us all how to live rightfully, without the religious dogma.

       Due to the growing emancipation from religions that people are increasingly finding that they are still either, missing something in their lives or that their religion just does not speak to a modern society anymore.  This is the reason for our value structure to believe and live by the written words of both these great human beings.  So, our organization thought we would combine elements from Christianity and Spirituality; providing a more updated view for todays society.

We also support many causes as well as offer learning opportunities to our members so we can continue to grow through understanding and achieving a certain greatness.

illustration of Jesus Christ
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