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Below are all of our fundraising events

Take The Swear Jar Challenge

Now your potty mouth can go to help a cause.  Just put a nickel in the jar each time you need to swear for the month of October and at the end of the month one of our volunteers will come to collect the swear jar money.  To participate, just email us your name and address letting us know you are saving a swear money jar here.
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Join our annual Thanksgiving Raffle!

Pay by e-transfer
Raffle Contest Flyer

Donate a Baseball Event!

     If you have a used extra baseball, or one you're not using anymore you can donate them to help us support a Youth Baseball Team, or sick child in the hospital and raise their spirit and happiness.

Call us to drop a ball off, or we can pick them up for you.

Don't have a used ball, but would like to support us?  Give us a donation and we will purchase a baseball to donate on your behalf.

Flyer with a baseball displayed asking people to donate a baseball for us to give to children hospitals

Chin-up/ Sit up Challenge.

A pledge of $500 helps pay for 5 months of mental health perscription drugs.

     Mental illness is an issue that affects people from all walks of life and it can be difficult to find effective ways to help. Participating in a fundraising challenge for mental health can be a great way to make a real difference. By coming together and raising money, we can support organizations devoted to researching and treating this often-invisible disease. Not only does the financial contribution assist in much needed research and treatments, but it also raises awareness about the importance of taking care of our minds just as we take care of our bodies.

     Your help is paramount for this cause; without your dedication and involvement, there would not be any progress towards making mental health issues easier to diagnose and treat. Thus, it is important for everyone to recognize how powerful their voice and action are when it comes to fighting the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.


      So come on folks! Join us in this fundraising challenge and let’s make a collective effort to raise funds and spread awareness.

woman doing chin ups and woman doing sit ups

     How it works: Do 30 chin ups, or sit ups each day for 30 days. Make it more fun by making a video to show your sponsors and friends your progress in this challenge. Then watch all the encouraging comments that your friends post to you, keeping you positive along your journey. Do not worry if you are unable to achieve the daily number of sit ups, or chin ups. Your best effort and encouragement is all we ask.

We also have a free incentive gift for those who collect $500 or more.       ** People who raise $500, or more will receive a Free 22" inch Duffle Bag - perfect for the gym, or traveling.








          A $109 dollar value shipped free after pledges are received by Humanity8 **

     Register below.  You will receive a pledge sheet along with instructions in your e-mail once the registration is submitted to obtain sponsors.  Once you register to participate, you have 30 days from there to complete your challenge.  People who sponsor you can pledge any amount they wish.  There is no minimum donation requirement. 

     Do I have to get sponsors?  No.  You can complete the challenge and provide Humanity8 a one time donation yourself.  Proceeds will go to support mental illness, either by a direct donation to a clinic, or towards medications that are unaffordable to someone who suffers from mental illness. 
The challenge starts as soon as you register for the event, from there, you have 30 days to complete the challenge.

     You will be able to see where your funds go and who they have helped here.  So, keep checking that page for updates after you complete your challenge.  When your challenge is complete go to our donate page to submit your total collected.

Thank you for making a positive change to someone who needs you.
Any additional questions, or concerns may be addressed to our Contact Page.

woman with a large gym bag


Which challenge optio are you taking partin?
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