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Meet Our Counsel & Members

The Flock
(members listed here)
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Looking for more members
Counsel of Ravens
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The responsibilities of our counsel members is to make sure the charitable organization runs smoothly and hold everyone involved accountable to the laws, rules and regulations governed by municipalities and governments for non-profit organizations along with event planning.  Counsel members only meet once a month at our club house for a maximum time of only 1 hour.  Meetings with members also join at coffee shops.

 Counsel members do not speak to the general public who may have general questions, or concerns about our Charitable Organization.  All general questions, or concerns should be addressed to our contact page.

Thank You.

We are currently looking for more board members.  Please contact us if you are interested.
picture of founder and president of Humanity8

John A. Verhallen

Founder & Board Chairman

     Mr. Verhallen Founder and President of the organization in 2022.  He has owned and operated a few businesses, studied general courses in Fanshawe college as well Sociology from the University of Sir Wilfred through a corespondance course.

a board member of the organization
Natalie Bell
Board Member & Registered Therapist

Natalie Bell is currently a telehealth Clinical Therapist with Helping to Heal Counseling Services, LLC. Natalie is also an English Language Teacher with teaching experiences in Eastern Europe, Canada, and the United States. Natalie joined the Humanity8 Charity Organization in April of 2023 and is committed to providing services and resources to the local community.
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