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  • Give back
  • Have fun
  • Make a differnce
We are looking for spiritually minded and giving people who wish to make a difference in their lives and others in their communities.
How membership works:
First you either find a member or a member may invite you to one of our events.  Then we can get to know you better and what our organization is all about.  After some time of attending our events, and meets.  A member will recommend you for membership.  After you show yourself as being a benefit to our organization, then you will get a final invitation to be a full member by our body of council men and women.  The entire process could take weeks, or months.                                         It's a good sign if you keep getting invites.

     Note:  Membership fee is only paid once you receive an                 invite for full membership.  You will receive a free club shirt, or hoodie via full membership.

     Get to know our club rules
Why Join?
  • Live a more fulfilling life
  •  Self improvement skills
  • Special member prices to events
  • Be active in the community
  • Help others through charity
  • Spiritual and healthy living.
  • Continuing education
  • Comradery between members


 Membership Role

  • All members help Setting up events.

  • Talking with people about our vision.

  • Providing certain professional skills that improve the organization.

  • Help with raising money for our organization

  • Help Planning, Organizing of Programs and Events.

Counsel of The Raven is made up of councilors of men and women who help run and oversee daily operations of the organization.
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