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Policies & Amendments

Humanity 8 Charitable Organization 

Policies & Work Ethics.  2024.


     The following policies are designed to achieve a functional and efficiently run organization to meet all of its successes.

     All directors, managers and volunteers must be in acceptance and adhere to the policies of this entire document.  The rules and regulation set herein are effective immediately on April 19, 2024 and onward until such otherwise notice.  This document will remain active as long as the organization exists.

     All questions, or concerns about this document can be addressed in writing to and will be taken with serious and respectful consideration.  We will reply within 24 hours.



  1. All regular full members must bring their prospect to the attention of the counsel of ravens to be considered and voted in for membership.


 2. Assignments:


  1. All assignments must be carried out by a volunteer when asked and acted out as specified by a director, or manager for Humanity 8 charitable organization.  Each volunteer when asked must be willing and available to carry out all types of charitable organizational tasks responsibly to Humanity 8 charitable organization and work together as a team functioning as a whole unit.

  2. All volunteers must respect one another and  all elected directors and, or managers of Humanity 8 charitable organization.

  3. All emails, or conversation responses must be done in a professional and respectful way to Humanity 8 charitable organization.  Bullying by a superior, or by peers and any harassment, sexual, or non sexual will not be tolerated.  Such complaints will be taken seriously and will result in investigation and possibly an immediate discontinuation of service to Humanity 8 charitable organization.

  4. If for any reason a task cannot be completed by a volunteer, it must be met with a written email explaining why to seek some sort of compromise to be approved, or disapproved by Humanity 8 charitable organization and its directors, or managers.

  5. disapproval may result in a volunteer, manager, or director being asked to either step down from their position, demoted to another position, or to have their service to Humanity 8 charitable organization be dissolved.

  6.  If for any reason the volunteer/ director/ manager/ supervisor/team lead becomes unavailable and absent during a charitable campaign they must provide a written email to their team lead, supervisor or manager on why they need to be absent along with an expectable time frame of notice.  If these requirements were never met then there will be a meeting with directors and a decision will be made going forward.

   3. Advancement:

     How advancement works is that, when a team leader is assigned to manage a group and that team lead performs beyond expectations.  When there is enough charity revenue left over then that team lead can, or may be advanced to a salary paid management position, provided the position is available.  All paid salary positions when working for any non profit are tax free.  It is the team leads best interest to have their team of volunteers excel.

   4. Evaluation:


  1. All volunteers, directors and managers will be subjected to a quarterly evaluation.

  2. If the quarterly evaluation comes up when a volunteer, manager, or director has recently started service with Humanity 8 charitable organization, it will be understood that the evaluation may not be fully accurate due to the time limitation.

  3. There will be an understanding of wherever there is a lacking performance that the volunteer, manager, or director of Humanity 8 charitable organization will agree to show improvement and may need to show a written explanation on how they intend to improve going forward.

  4. When severe enough, a poor evaluation, or series of them may lead to a demotion to another position within Humanity 8 charitable organization, or termination of their service to the charitable organization mentioned herein.

    5. Meetings:

  1. All meetings for the purpose of an evaluation, or any other organizational operation will be conducted by either a video call, or in person at the discretion of Humanity 8 charitable organization managers, or directors.

  2. All volunteers, directors, or managers of the Humanity 8 charitable organization when asked  to join any type of meeting must attend; especially when it comes to training and interviews.  Board members must have an 80% attendance rate for each calendar year.

  3. If a volunteer, manager, or director can not attend any required meeting, the reasoning must be met by a written email stating the reasons to be approved, or disapproved by Humanity 8 charitable organization.  

  4. A disapproval may result in either a demotion to another position, or a dissolution of service with Humanity 8 charitable organization.

  6. Charitable Events:

  1. When attending a charitable event by Humanity 8 charitable organization all volunteers must work together in a respectful way towards each other and attendees.

  2. Each volunteer will be assigned to a certain task to help to ensure a successful event.

  3. An exact number of volunteers that are needed will be required to attend.

  4. All directors, managers and volunteers of Humanity 8 charitable organization must also work as representatives for the organization by upholding a high quality reputation of the organization.


  7. Yearly Contributions:


  1. A yearly, affordable donation contribution to Humanity 8 charitable organization shall be made by all volunteers, managers and directors of Humanity 8 charitable organization, not excluding the founder.  We must all believe in the same mission together carried out by everyone involved in the Humanity 8 charitable organization.

  2. Yearly donation contributions made by volunteers, managers and directors not excluding the founder of Humanity 8 charitable organization must be received no later than June 30, 2023 and each calendar year thereafter.

  3. Out of fairness, yearly donations shall be not an amount that is crushing to the volunteer, manager, director, or founder.

 8. Criminal Checks:

  1. After a volunteer/Director fills out our online application within 5 days a criminal record check must be either purchased on our online volunteer application, or at your local police station.  Once you pay the fee to retain a criminal check record and change your mind later, there will be a 5% rebate charge upon receiving your refund.  This is to ensure the safety of our members within the organization and the handling of sensitive information and money from donations.  Without a criminal check done you cannot remain as a volunteer, manager, or director. 

  2.  Both parts of the online volunteer application must be completed and an updated criminal check record must be purchased from the online volunteer application form.  If the online form is not completely completed and the criminal record check not purchased within 5 days from the date you start the online application form, applicants will have to re-apply for their positions.

9. Volunteer Positions.

  1. Once you have filled out a online form for a certain position you are automatically approved unless you hear otherwise through an email.  If you are not a good fit from the day you apply for volunteer/director, etc.  you will be notified immediately that you cannot continue.  If we see on your application that you are unwilling to do all that is expected with full participation you will also be advised at that time your assistance is not needed.  Otherwise, you are accepted automatically and from there on you are expected to respectfully fulfill your requirements in order to continue with your position you applied for, i.e. - criminal record checks, assigned duties and requests.

  2. Team Lead, Manager, Director, Volunteer, etc.  All positions are on a 3 month probationary period whereas positions can be terminated at any time during that position, or after if the position is not working out for the organization.

  3. Once a director has made it past the 3 month period then the only way they could be excused from their post is to be either voted off by other directors, pressured to resign, or should they want to be excused permanently due to an illness, or other family situations where they need to resign, or if they just choose to resign themselves.

  4. Directors will be responsible for the total function of the non profit organization making sure it acts out within the laws and regulations of Ontario and Canadian federal laws concerning non profits and charities.

  5. Directors are subjected to re-elections each year and can only obtain the position through elections and must run each year for the director

 CNotice:  Humanity 8 Charitable organization reserves the right to amend, change, edit, remove existing policies, amendments or add additional aforementioned policies and amendments to the document written herein.

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