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Essays From The Crypt

You do not own anything

     When the Buddha said, no self, and Jesus said, deny thyself.  What they were referring to was, to stop clinging to superficial things and ideas.  

     This is why when it comes to possessions we actually do not own anything, we just think we do due to our arrogant, ignorant ego.  Both Jesus and Buddha taught to not be attached to our possessions because they are merely meaningless objects.

     You see our minds convince ourselves that we have a self and that we possess things, or claim things as our own.  However, just because we pay money for something, does not actually mean we own it, or that is belongs to us.  The only person who can actually put a claim on something is, the person who created it, but the materials used do not belong to them.  When we really dig deep into this philosophy all things (materials) come from nature, so nature itself owns these things.

     When we speak about attachment the ego is obsessed with what is ours, and what belongs to us.  The Buddha had taught that this can cause suffering because when we have a strong belonging to possessions and something happens to it; such as theft or old age, we become devastated, hurt, angry, and even depressed which are extremely unhealthy emotions.

     Detaching our feelings for our so called possessions gives us the freedom, and teaches us all to not fret when we lose our items we call possessions.  They are merely items.

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