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Making the world a better place.

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Supporting Poverty & Mental Illness
Help us to help others, and spread kindness to everyone.
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Our Organization


     At Humanity8, we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those struggling with poverty and mental illness.  Our founder knows all too well the struggles that come with being a minority and having a disability. They've been discriminated against, faced poverty, and dealt with mental illness issues firsthand. But instead of letting these obstacles define them, they turned their experiences into fuel for change.

     Our mission is simple: to empower those in need by providing them with the tools and resources they require to lead fulfilling lives. Whether it's offering financial assistance or connecting people with community services, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

As a non-profit charity, our focus is on making a tangible impact in the lives of those we serve.


     With your help, we can continue to expand our reach and provide hope and support to individuals and families across the country. When you donate to Humanity8, you're not just giving money - you're giving hope. Your contribution will help us continue to provide vital services and empower those in need to live their best lives. Together, we can make a difference and build a more inclusive and equitable world.

Are you in need of our help?

If you're someone in need of our help, or know someone who does, you can apply below.
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You can also obtain more information through our social media links and follow us for our latest news and upcoming events.
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